I use technology and talk therapy to get you to a place of optimal performance. This can be performance as an employee, a parent, a significant other, an athlete, an artist, or all-around increased ability to perform at your best. Stress often stands in the way of optimal performance. Stress can effect you mentally, physically, and emotionally. My specialty training can help you address all three at the same time. You will learn mindfulness techniques and ways to shift your emotional state to maintain a healthy and clear mind and body.

I am a Certified HeartMath Practitioner through the HeartMath Institute. I combine HeartMath self-regulation tools and technologies into my therapeutic work with adults. This includes the use of heart-rate variability biofeedback in conjunction with talk therapy and specific tools to guide you in establishing a new physiological baseline for health. This results in sustainable perceptual, attitudinal, and behavioral changes. The goal of this work is to reach a state of optimal performance through this physiological baseline shift.

This type of therapeutic work benefits:

  • Those with chronic, daily stress
  • Athletes wanting to get in “the zone”
  • Performers needing to quiet their internal world to channel their art
  • Those who need help transitioning from one part of life to another (e.g. stressful workday to home; one high stress meeting to the next)
  • Those experiencing high anxiety on a daily basis
  • Anyone wanting to learn a new way to be their best self from one moment to the next

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