Couples Counseling

Couples therapy and marriage counseling are for romantic and non-romantic partners who find that they are in a negative pattern they cannot change. Counseling gives you a safe space to explore difficult and complex topics within your relationship.

Couples counseling can be helpful to establish a new way of communicating that includes talking and listening empathically. It can help you identify and attend to your partner’s needs. It can increase and restore intimacy. You can work to make your relationship a safe, loving, and enjoyable place.

Couples seek counseling for a number for reasons: constant fighting, lack of enjoyment with your partner, feelings of anger or jealousy, parenting problems, lack of intimacy, extended family conflicts, infidelity, and differences in lifestyle. Ignoring these problems will intensify them and cause more distance in your relationship.

Couples therapy is open to LGBTQ couples, straight couples, and polyamorous relationships. Couples counseling is useful to non-romantic parties as well – business partners, dance partners, writing partners, anyone in a close relationship that could use some help.

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