Distance Counseling

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, my practice is currently 100% HIPAA-compliant distance counseling. Learn more

Distance counseling uses various technologies to assist in providing therapy in an arrangement where the therapist and client are remote from one another. This form of online counseling helps increase access to therapy for people who otherwise may not be able to engage in the process. Distance counseling can be used in combination with face-to-face sessions or as the sole method of counseling.

I prefer to see clients in my office in New York City if possible, but distance counseling can be helpful for expatriates who are living abroad, clients who travel frequently, have irregular schedules, are home-bound, or have disabilities.

Distance counseling, or remote therapy, can be effective with a wide variety of clients and client concerns. Online counseling can be done securely, confidentially, and effectively. As a Board Certified-TeleMental Health Provider, I have received specific training in the use of technology to deliver counseling services. I take measures to ensure that our communications are as safe as possible including using a HIPAA-compliant video chat service that you can access with a single click or tap, using your web browser or mobile device. Prior to beginning distance counseling, we will review benefits and limitations of technology assisted counseling, confidentiality, and emergency procedures.

Distance counseling is not appropriate for every client. If your circumstances do not allow you to participate in traditional face-to-face, office-based counseling or if you would like to learn if distance counseling may be helpful to you, please contact me.

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