Life Coaching

Life coaching focuses on whatever aspects of your personal life and career are keeping you from performing at your best. The goal is to make meaningful changes to help you reach your optimal performance.

Together we will look at those aspects of your life to understand the issues and how they are affecting you. We'll then prioritize and set goals; create a plan on how to reach them; and decide how to recognize your success along the way.

Life coaching clients commonly achieve:

  • Improved personal organization
  • Better time-management skills
  • More stable personal finances
  • Better communication in personal relationships
  • Successful career changes and transitions
  • Reduced stress
  • Overall improvements to health and wellbeing

Life coaching is more than simply making changes. It is also a way to learn about yourself and those around you. Coaching will help you navigate your world with more ease and less stress. You will find a new rhythm for living your best life.

Benefits to working with a licensed counselor as your coach:

As a LMHC, I have advanced training in understanding how and why people think and act the way they do. I can efficiently identify issues standing in the way of achieving your goals. I also have the skills to address these in an effective manner. I will teach you to understand yourself and those around you.

Differences between coaching and counseling:

Coaching and counseling both aim to help people, but they do have differences. Coaching focuses on specific goals for current problems. My role as your coach is to hold you accountable, motivate you, and introduce structure and skills into your life. Coaching addresses a wide range of issues that can hold you back from your top performance. Counseling has less pressure to achieve time-specific goals and allows for a journey into your life - past, present, and future. My role as a counselor is to reflect and guide you in self-discovery. Counseling addresses deeper emotional issues, links them to current thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and allows for healing through exploration.

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