Performance Coaching

Performance coaching leads to achieving optimal performance in your chosen field. This can mean your performance as an employee, a parent, a significant other, an athlete, an artist; or it can mean an all-around increased ability to perform at your best. Anxiety often stands in the way of peak performance. Stress can affect you mentally, physically, and emotionally. My specialty training can help you address all three at the same time. You will learn mindfulness techniques and ways to shift your emotional state to maintain a healthy and clear mind and body.

Anxiety-based performance issues can stop you in your tracks - stage fright, doubts, second-guessing, over-analyzing. I work to help educate you about the stress response, teach techniques that make sense to your specific situation and occupation, and create a strategy to implement a new baseline for anxiety. This results in a sustainable attitude and behavior changes. The goal of this work is to reach a state of peak performance through this physiological baseline shift.

People who benefit from performance training include:

  • Those with chronic, daily stress
  • Leaders wanting to gain an edge in performance
  • Athletes wanting to get in “the zone”
  • Performers needing to quiet their internal world to channel their art
  • Those who need help transitioning from one part of life to another (e.g. stressful workday to home; one high stress meeting to the next)
  • Those experiencing high anxiety on a daily basis
  • Anyone wanting to learn a new way to be their best self from one moment to the next

Benefits to working with a licensed counselor as your coach:

As a LMHC, I have advanced training in understanding how and why people think and act the way they do. I can efficiently identify issues standing in the way of achieving your goals. I also have the skills to address these in an effective manner. I will teach you to understand yourself and those around you.

Differences between coaching and counseling:

Coaching and counseling both aim to help people, but they do have differences. Coaching focuses on specific goals for current problems. My role as your coach is to hold you accountable, motivate you, and introduce structure and skills into your life. Coaching addresses a wide range of issues that can hold you back from your top performance. Counseling has less pressure to achieve time-specific goals and allows for a journey into your life - past, present, and future. My role as a counselor is to reflect and guide you in self-discovery. Counseling addresses deeper emotional issues, links them to current thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and allows for healing through exploration.

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