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Lesson for Recruiters: Take a Chance on Nontraditional Candidates

"The transferable skills of coaching and motivating didn't come across in a resume as much as I wished. Coaching taught me how to be in the presence of a person [and] help them reach the goals they set for themselves."

Brit + CoBrit + Co
7 Ways to Reconnect With Your S.O.

“Throw a dinner party. '[Hosting] gives you and your partner a chance to work as teammates,' says licensed mental health counselor Lauren Rigney.”

9 Things People With High-Functioning Anxiety Do Behind Closed Doors

“'Creating systems to increase predicability, decreases anxiety,' Rigney says, which is why many people with high-functioning anxiety spend their time at home organizing — and then organizing some more.”

5 Myths About Therapy, Debunked by Mental Health Professionals

“Anyone can benefit [from] therapy even if they are not diagnosed with a mental illness.”

Lauren Rigney, Featured on NBR FM

"Being able to see a person and understand the different parts of them, and what their strengths are, and what their weaknesses are, and then teach them that and reflect that back to them so that they understand themselves at a deeper level – it really helps to overcome a lot of problems in life and a lot of issues that someone is facing."

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Barriers to Education - Mental Health

“Show up to your appointments and follow through on your goal setting. If you have meetings with a tutor, go. If you have a session with a counselor, attend. If your disabilities staff asks you to come to a testing center for your exam, go. In college, you have to work to set up your relationships with these people. Once you have them, use them.”

This Mood Swing Quiz Will Help You Discover the Cause of Your Changing Emotions

“Mood swings, whatever the cause, can have negative effects on your life… Talking through this with a professional can help you recognize when it happens, why it happens, and what strategies to use so you can work through it in a more productive way.”

The No BS Guide to Eliminating Stress

“If we experience chronic stress,” Rigney says, “our body continues to function at this heightened level and eventually believes this unhealthy state to be the way we are supposed to function.”

7 Signs Your Partner Isn’t As Supportive In Your Relationship As They Should Be

“What you do is important to you and therefore is something your partner should want to learn about. By not showing up, they are not experiencing things that are special to you."

The No BS Guide to Organizing Your Feelings

“Many issues that we believe are simple are actually quite complicated and confusing,” Rigney says. “If you are having difficulty, it is because making these changes is difficult. That is why professionals are around. Getting help to change unwanted patterns can be very rewarding.”

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People are turning to subreddits in lieu of traditional counseling

“It’s something you can do from the comfort of your home, especially if you have social anxiety, it can be a much more comfortable setting to reach out for help. Going in to see a therapist one-on-one may be too overwhelming for someone.”

Hopes & FearsHopes & Fears
New Yorkers' seven most common anxieties, illustrated

“Increasing mindfulness means focusing on what change you can affect right now, in this moment. You cannot change the past and you cannot predict the future; those are two places anxiety manifests itself. You can only affect the present time. Understanding this concept and learning to use it multiple times a day can help take your heightened anxiety and bring it into a healthy range.”

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