Private Practice Building

When therapists consider building or growing their private practice, it's common to have questions such as:

  • How do I balance helping people with mental health issues and building a profitable business?
  • Where and how do I market my practice?
  • How do I get the type of clients I want to work with?
  • When do I stop my full-time or part-time job and go full-time private practice?
  • Do I take insurance or private pay?
  • How do I set up the logistics of my practice (forms, scheduling, note taking, etc.)?

As a certified supervisor and owner of a successful and profitable private practice, I can help you find the answers that work best for you, as well as for your clients' health and wellbeing.

This approach is different from attending a seminar or small class. You and I will focus on your personal business goals, which will help you gain clarity and set up an efficient strategic plan with more effective results.

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